art tech story bord 2019

Updated: 8/26/2021
art tech story bord 2019

Storyboard Text

  • im crying because of all the animals who lost their homes in forest fires
  • ella why are you crying
  • really
  • its ok they it can clean up the area and when more trees grow they can move back
  • thanks sis that made me feel better but can tell me more info
  • Mom !
  • Yes
  • Yes they do
  • do you know anything about wildfires
  • Yes they help get rid of things that are not suppose to be there
  • hi Mom hi aunt Maddie .are you talking about wildfires
  • yes
  • wow you are so smart
  • what are you talking about wildfire's
  • so they help the world and the e
  • what you talking about
  • The End