Three Governors Controversy
Updated: 3/10/2021
Three Governors Controversy

Storyboard Text

  • great!
  • If you elect me mayor ill bring back the white primary
  • I won!!
  • I should be mayor because i have a lot of write in votes, and my dad is dead.
  • i'm not too sure about that
  • Eugene Talmadge gathers voters by saying he will bring the white primary back.
  • Ellis, i'm mayor its time for you to leave!
  • NO! i'm the mayor until this is settled
  • Eugene wins the election.
  • Since I'm LT. governor i should be the governor.
  • Eugene dies and his son, Herman Talmadge, explains why he should be mayor.
  • Update: Georgia's supreme court said i can be mayor.
  • Ellis Arnell refuses to leave office.
  • Melvin E Thomspon claimed office.
  • Melvin E Thomspon is now mayor.