greek boy
Updated: 2/4/2020
greek boy
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  • Hey james. what did you got for your project? Oh I had that last year I can help you on some of it. were we meet up at ?
  • I have greek boy. Ok. were the rivers at 9:00am.
  • That's easy I give you a little bit like they play the instrument. There go you got your answer.
  • So hey I got a little bit but I just don't know What do the greek boy every day? oh ok.I know that theyOnce a boy reached the age of 12, his education expanded to include physical training in preparation for being a soldier & this activity would take place in the local gymnasium. And they went to school to read, write, arithmetic, poetry, & dance.
  • Accused me young men I heard your conversation so I hear yall talking about greek what your topic did you know that they don't have that much of free time at less your parents is rich..
  • Describe your home, your diet, and your clothes? What ok.
  • Yes, Spartan boys were educated away from their homes to encourage loyalty to the community.yessir think you sir.
  • Good bye.
  • I forgot about this on was they were poor or wealthy?
  • Yes because I found that the greek boys were made to walk barefoot. Even in cold weather, they could wear only a simple cloak. They were kept hungry and expected to steal food to show their bravery and intelligence.
  • You seen like that you know your facts real good. see you when I see you.
  • Ok see you later bye thank you for helping me.
  • Hey I want to tell you i'm a greek boy I seen you working on your project about me I heard yall conversation you know every thing about a greek boy good jod see you later
  • You a greek boy i'm doing my project on you. You were watch us the whole time. Nice seen you goodbye.
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