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Updated: 6/29/2020
Bible Storyboard

Storyboard Description

The story of the Old Testament.

Storyboard Text

  • In the beginning, there was nothing. God created the heavens and our world over seven days. It was very good, and he was pleased. He then created humans and animals to live in the world he created.
  • The first humans, Adam and Eve, were happy in the place God created them, but then they decided they did not want to live by Gods way, so they rebelled against God. God punished them to leave the garden
  • Eve became pregnant and her family populated the Earth. But each generation was worse than the next. God blessed a man called Abraham. God promised he would have more decedents than stars in the sky.
  • This did happen. They became the Jews or the Israelites. They were promised a land to live in, and that blessing would come to the whole world through them. A problem was that most of them became slaves. God sent a person called Moses to save his people and confront the king of Egypt. He Refuses to free his slaves so God sent 10 Plagues.
  • Eventually, the slaves are freed and they move to their promised land. On the way they collect the 10 commandments. They reach the promised land, but then the people forget about God. God was angry, but felt sorry when war came. After god helped his people, they just turned against him again.
  • Eventually, the isrealights wanted a human king, so God gave them David, but they had hurt people accept money to do wrong. They hurt the poor and do evil things. He promised forgiveness and there will be a new agreement, a new testament. God will fix the problem of sin by putting His spirit, into them. He will change their feelings about Him.