Updated: 11/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Stanley had waited till he saw the water truck but kept digging at the same time.
  • Stanley had saw the truck got out of his hole and walked to the truck to get more water because it was very hot outside.
  • They all waited to get water as the one so called magnet had grabbed the bag of sunflower seeds and was going to share it with them when the truck had left the area.
  • When the truck came back Stanley had a pill of sunflower seeds all in his hole and the person in the truck took him and went to the warden.
  • The warden let them in and had put venomous nail polish on while they talked to her about the sunflower seeds.
  • She had scratched the person not Stanley but the person that brought him to the warden them he screamed because of the venom and the warden told stanley to go back and dig his hole still.