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Continental drift.
Updated: 9/28/2020
Continental drift.
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Storyboard Description

continental drift is a theory in which all of the continents were once together ans that they may have drifted apart due to earthquakes and flooding.

Storyboard Text

  • red lines are tectonic plates
  • it is said all the continents were once together
  • If you look closley you can see that it looks as if africa and south america fit together like a puzzle, and that N. america looks like it fits in northern africa
  • This is continental drift
  • Not oly that, But the rock sequences were the same in africa and in south america on the coast. A dinosour called mesosouras was a fresh water animal, Meaning it was unable to croos the atlantis, this shows that the 2 were connected
  • theses facts show that the continents were connected and that the world was pangea. Or a supercontinent
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