Holden Anti-Hero, Ch 10-18
Updated: 5/18/2020
Holden Anti-Hero, Ch 10-18

Storyboard Text

  • CH14- Often fails
  • "Then he smacked me. I didn't even try to get out of the way or duck or anything.All I felt was this terrific punch in my stomach." (Catcher 4)
  • CH 15- Is driven by self interest
  • "She was always late. Then I hung up. She gave me a pain in the ass, but she was very good-looking." (Catcher 7)
  • CH 16- Unpredictable
  • "Then a funny thing happened. When I got to the museum, all of a sudden I wouldn't have gone inside for a million bucks. It just didn't appeal to me" (Catcher 17)
  • Holden is beaten up in his hotel room by a big man wanting money from him for the hooker he ordered, even though they did not do anything
  • CH 17- Sleeps around
  • Holden is lonely and doesn't want to be alone so he calls/ seeks out Sally as someone to hang out with
  • CH 18- Is plain and undistinguished
  • Holden decided to go to a museum to look for his sister phoebe and then decided not to even go in
  • CH 18- Is plain and undistinguished
  • "We took off our goddam skates and went inside this bar where you can get drinks and watch the skaters in just your stocking feet" (Catcher 22)
  • Holden makes out with sally in the cab because he "sleeps around" a bit
  • "At first she didn't want to, because she had her lipstick on and all, but I was being seductive as hell and she didn't have any alternative." (Catcher 19)
  • Holden and Sally go ice skating
  • Holden and Sally go ice skating