Updated: 2/7/2020

Storyboard Description

In this comic you will learn about Copyright and ways to use it the right way. You will get a better understanding of how it works and how the law works with it. Copyright is a get thing and yet a bad thing, don't worry, you'll learn why it's both good and bad. Enjoy!

Storyboard Text

  • But why should it matter? what's so important about copyright?
  • Copyright Meaningthe exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, etc.
  • The fact that it protects you're rights of anything you publish and or post.
  • And that's what copyright means.
  • I need more information..
  • So, it prevent individuals other than the owner from copying, displaying or performing the protected work.
  • Did you know, you have to register for copyrights, and that cost up to $35 to almost $65. But where do i go to register for copyright?
  • Copyrightmaking money from media created by someone else is the primary cause of a copyright violation
  • Why so much money?!
  • It's illegal to copy someone's else copyrighted work without they're permission too. I think you're getting the hang of it now!
  • To register for copyright visit the website at and click on electronic Copyright Office, or you can also use copyright fill-in form.
  • Ooooooh, ooooooouu!!!
  • The term of copyright is the life of the author plus seventy years after the author's death. If the work is a joint work with multiple authors, the term lasts for seventy years after the last surviving author's death.
  • Tips on how to Copyright your musicRecord your songRegister for copyright (fill form out)Pay the feeSubmit the copy of your songAnd wait for your register to be process
  • Hmmm...
  • ....
  • You didn't know it was a crime to copyright someone's else work?
  • I'm going to jail for copyrighting?
  • If you are found guilty of copyright infringement, you can be ordered to pay damages. You may also be ordered to pay legal fees, the court can also charge damages fee between $200 and $150,000.
  • I thought it was okay, I didn't know!
  • So you're telling me, even by copying another's person(s) work, it's a crime? And if someone was to copy my publish work, they would have to pay me?
  • So, it's more like you have to put where you got the source from the information so it doesn't look like your taking credit of someone(s) else work.
  • I can't believe you can still get charge for copyright over a dead guy's work.
  • Copying another(s) work and rewriting it in your own words are two different things-
  • Pretty much. It's just another way of making sure your work is protected!
  • At least I was part right about what I said.
  • I think it's worth it. As long as you don't copy word from word from another author(s) work
  • To learn more about the rights of copyrighting, visit or talk to your teacher or someone about it.
  • You know some people don't care and will still copy someone(s) else work.
  • Well, the law will catch them. Copyright is a good thing and also a bad thing. Using copyright to protect your work from other(s) is a good thing, but using it to copy someone(s) else work is bad.
  • Please don't copy anyone(s) work, they spent a lot of money and time to publish they're hard work to share it to the world.
  • Hey!! For those who are out there not following the law, you are a jerk!