CRE task term 3
Updated: 7/27/2020
CRE task term 3
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  • God created the heavens, the earth and everything that lives. He made humankind in his image, and gave them charge over the earth.
  • God formed a man called Adam and gave him the garden of Eden, except the tree of good and evil, who no one could eat from. Adam was alone so God made a woman called Eve.
  • Eve's son; Cain made offerings to the lord but only Abel's offerings were accepted. So Cain killed him and was banished from Eden .
  • The serpent deceived the woman and Adam and Eve both ate from the tree. The ground was now cursed and God sent Adam and Eve away.
  • Many years past and God appeared to a man named Moses as a burning bush and commanded Moses to save Israel.
  • The King of Egypt refuses to free the people of God, then Gods sends 10 plagues on Israel. Causing others to die but not Gods people; the Israelites. As soon as The Pharaoh loses his son he frees the slaves.
  • They shall be my slaves forever
  • Let God's people go or you will suffer 10 plagues
  • God gave Moses 10 commandments written on stone for the people to obey, but while Moses was writing it down the Israelites made an idol and worshipped it. Moses was so mad he had broken the stone the 10 commandments were on, but God decided to give them a second chance.
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