Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • This is Venus the most beutiful goddess, she is the godess of love and beuty.
  • This is Helena, the most beutiful woman in the world, she is married to the king of Sparta
  • This is Paris or Alexander. He is a sailor and prince of Troy
  • Venus told Paris if he said that she was the fairest of all the goddesses, she could help him get Helena, the most beutiful woman in the world. And so, Venus helped Paris steal Helena from Menelaus, her husband.
  • Say I'm the fairest Goddess and Helen will be yours!
  • Ahhh
  • Paris sailed to Rome and stole Helena! Causing the Trojan war!
  • You are the most beutiful come with me!
  • Menelaus found out his wife was stolen and was very angry and went out to kill him. They sailed to Troy and started the war.
  • KILL HIM!!!!!!!
  • The Greeks and the Trojans fought for around 10 years!
  • The Trojan war started
  • The Greeks pretended to give up but they left a present for Troy. A giant wooden horse. The Trojans opened the gates to accept the horse. But, inside the hollow horse were armed Greek troops, who sacked the city.
  • Because of the horse the Greeks won. Menelaus defeated Paris. Paris went back to his bed where Venus forces Helena to be with him. Afterwards he died. Paris's brother later married Helena but then he got killed by Menelaus.
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