the odyssey
Updated: 3/21/2020
the odyssey

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no! I have to tell Odysseus!
  • OINK!
  • Circe turned the men into pigs!!
  • What!!
  • After staying back, Eurilochus witnesses Circe turn the men into pigs.
  • " My poor unhappy man... Take this herb,which is one of the great virtue, and keep it about you when you go to Circe's house, it will talisman to you against every kind of mischief..."
  • Eurilochus then hurries to inform Odysseus about the his men.
  • Circe!
  • Odysseus finds out his men were turned into pigs.
  • How can we be friends if I can't trust you? You must first promise to turn my men back.
  • You must the hero Odysseus, Hermes told me you would come someday. Let us be friend that can trust each other.
  • While on his way to rescue his men, Odysseus runs into by Hermes; disguised as a young man. Hermes then hands him a herb he must eat in order to protect him from Circe's magic. Hermes also gives him instructions on over powering Circe.
  • Odysseus takes Hermes instructions and uses his sword to intimidate Circe and gain her respect.
  • Once Circe realizes who he is, she announces that they should be friends rather than enemies. However, Odysseus doesn't trust her after what she did to his friends.