Updated: 1/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • in stacy room
  • time to pick jenma by calling her names such as fat, and ugly
  • stacy(bully)
  • in jenma room
  • am i really that ugly and fat maybe stacy is right
  • jenma(victim)
  • did you hear what stacy said on her blog about jenma
  • mari(upstander)
  • school
  • yea what she said was mean and she should take it down
  • school computer room
  • lia(bystander)
  • stacy blog jenma is so fat and ugly no wonder she has no friends.
  • so everyone has seen stacy blog i wonder if they feel the same way
  • you should take down your blog the thing you said about jenma were really mean. if you dont i will report you
  • i will i didnt think it bothered her that much
  • lockers
  • hey jenma im sorry aboult my blog i will take it down and i never ment any of those thing
  • outside school
  • it alright i forgive you