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Lyddie Conflict by Sarah and Lauren
Updated: 12/5/2018
Lyddie Conflict by Sarah and Lauren
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  • Man vs. Man
  • "So! You've decided to honor us with a visit!" The mistress's face was red with heat or rage. Behind her, Triphena grimaced an apology...."You're dismissed!" (pg.44)
  • Man vs. Society
  • "It's a lot of money," he said gently. "I'd be temped myself if I were you." (pg. 42)
  • "She could feel herself go hot and red. "But I won't," she said fiercely." (pg. 42)
  • Man vs. Nature
  • "He was hungry, obviously, and looking for the source of the smell that had drawn him in. He knocked over the churning jug and licked tentatively at the blade, but Lyddie had cleaned it too well after churning that morning and the critter soon gave up trying to find nourishment in the wood." (pg.2-3)
  • When Lyddie ventures to the farm without the mistress' permission, she returns to the tavern to the find the mistress waiting for her. The mistress fires her. This is an example of Man vs. man conflict because Lyddie and the mistress have a conflict and the mistress fires her.
  • Lyddie meets Ezekial, a run away slave, that sought shelter on her farm. He ran away from slavery. This shows Man vs. Society because society viewed slaves as property and is in conflict with them. Society was against African Americans. Lyddie was conflicted for not telling the society.
  • A bear comes into their cabin. He starts searching for food and knocking over everything. Lyddie's family climbs up to a loft to avoid being hurt by the bear. This is an example of Man vs. Nature because Lyddie's family is in conflict with the bear because the bear is knocking over there things, trying to get to them, and eating their food. In this scenario the bear represents nature and Lyddie represents man.
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