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Updated: 12/16/2019
Lillian Hagood
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  • The Law of April 6, 1830
  • Conflicts of Anahauc
  • Battle of Gonzales
  • The Mexican government responded to Manuel de Teran's report and passed the Law of April 6, 1830. This law intended to control Texas's American presence. It banned immigration and made slaves illegal. Empresario contracts were suspended to all empresarios, besides Stephen F. Austin and Green DeWitt. The government built military bases and government offices on Texas's border, too. They hoped to bring more Mexicans and Catholic Europeans to Texas. They raised taxes. Many citizens in Texas began to grow angry and worried if the new laws, but he continued to work things out with Mexican officials.
  • The Grass Fight
  • GRASS?!
  • In the fall of 1830, colonel Juan Davis Bradburn came to Texas to enforce the Law of April 6, 1830. Bradburn's troops built a fort by the Trinity River that touched Galveston Bay. The fort was close to an import trade route and immigration point. The settlement was named Anahauc. Bradburn and Mexican officials began to come together. Bradburn put a man named Madero in jail abd caused many Texans to become mad. Travis antagonized Bradburn. Travis also pestered the commander with rumors of an invasion in Louisiana. Bradburn arrested him and he got held for trial. Texas settlers were angry about the arrest.
  • The Goliad Massacre
  • In 1835, Santa Anna's action upset many people in Texas. Doming de Ugartecha, the commander in Texas, told Gonzales's people to hand over the cannon. They refused and buried the cannon in an orchard. Riders came to town to ask for help. They got help and soon after the battle of Gonzales, volunteers captured presidio Goliad.
  • Battle of San Jacinto
  • 18 minutes? that's it?
  • One of Berelson's scouts, Erasturo "Deaf" smith, came into to camp and reported more then 100 Mexican soldiers with pack animals. Burelson sent troops to ambush the Mexicans and steal their silver. After they successfully killed the Mexicans, they opened the bags and found grass. They became upset and confused but they fed their horsed. This became known as the Grass Fight.
  • At the time, 550 troops lead by General Jose de Urea crossed the Rio Grande river to attack settlements along the way towards Refugio. Urea defeated Refugio and went for Goliad. On March 9 they went to a foggy prairi and found Goliad. Urea attacked when Goliad was feeding the animals. Texas only had 300 soldiers while mexico has 300 to 500 troops. Texas fought them. Mexico shot more then 400 people outside of Goliad.
  • WE GOT YOU!!
  • Houston's army went to get Harrisburg. Then they went to Buffalo Bayou by San Jacinto river and Lynch's Ferry. A battle began against Santa Anna and many Mexican soldiers were asleep. It lasted only 18 minutes when the battle ended. Texas had won and got it's independence.
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