Effects of drugs and Alcohol
Updated: 3/30/2021
Effects of drugs and Alcohol

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no! We are stranded on this Island with no food or water!
  • Hmmm I brought some supplies I will just go check if there is any left!
  • Hehehe this 11 year old has no idea what is going to happen to her!
  • That is alcohol! I am under age!
  • Well, would you rather drink this and live or die of thirst?
  • mm alcohol is yummy! can I have some more?
  • Sure! Have as much as you want!
  • Trees.... I loveeee trees!
  • Well then. What about you go explore, I will be right behind you.
  • Oh no! Where is she! I was hoping I could kill her with alcohol :(