Common Cold
Updated: 11/26/2019
Common Cold

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  • Don't forget your backpack Sarah. The bus is almost here.
  • Your going to school. You'll feel better when you get there.
  • Cough! cough!
  • I don't want to go to school because I don't feel good
  • Ya. I think I got it from my friend, she was sick last week.
  • Do you just have a cold?
  • Bye mom!
  • Ya. I have a stuffy nose, a sore throat, a cough, and I keep sneezing!
  • before you leave can you tell me your symptoms
  • Okay well call from school if you get any worse... Bye Sarah!
  • Yes please.
  • Yep! You have a temperature. Do you want me to call your mom?
  • Okay I will. But from now on remember to wash your hands often, and don't touch your nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • So how do I get rid of this cold?
  • You just need to get a lot of rest, drink water, and if you need some i can get you some over the counter medicine.
  • Okay... so there's no real cure?
  • Nope... It just takes time.
  • You should just lay here and rest for the rest of the day. Okay? Do you need me to get you anything?
  • Yes. may I please have a glass of water and some cough drops?
  • Sure!