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Trojan war
Updated: 9/29/2020
Trojan war
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  • Paris the Prince of Trojan was in love with Helen, who was the wife of the Mycenaean king. Paris took Helen back to troy with him. The king was not to happy, and army went to go sail after them.
  • But when they got there they found out that the city of Trojan was well protected and camped outside the city for ten years.
  • Odysseus came up with a plan to trick the Trojans. They made a giant horse and put there best warriors in it. The rest of the army sailed away. This made the Trojans think that the Mycenaean gave up and they won. The Trojans brought the horse to the city to celebrate.
  • At dark the soldiers got out of the horse. They opened the gates to let the rest of the Mycenaean army in. They killed the king of Trojan and burned down the city. They took Helen home with them.
  • When they got back there home was in darkness and devastation. A civil war had broken out. After about a hundred almost all of there fortresses and palaces had been destroyed. The Dorians invaded Greece and conquered the Mycenaeans.
  • After the invasion and civil wars, there was a dark age in the Aegean world. The skills and cultures of the Mycenaeans disappeared and the overseas trades stopped. But over time the Aegean's tried hard to rebuild their world.
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