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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • Byron
  • by Sean Pregler
  • when Kenneth and Byron where cleaning the brown bomer Byron was so in love with himself he kissed the memoir of the bomer. He tried to call out to Kenneth but he thought Byron was playing a trick on him. he got a snowball and got ready to throw it at Byron but discovered in wasn't a prank.
  • Kenneth sone descoved that a friend of his stole his gloves. he told Byron about what his friend do but Byron beaten him up. but all his friend did was nothing and Kenneth didn't what to see any more of the fight so he left.
  • Mamma fond out Byron was playing with matches. She knew what punishment to use on Byron and it's to let his arm burn. but when she is about to do it Joey connately blew them out. this cep happening so Mamma gave up.
  • Byron and Kenneth went down to the store and Byron thinks there buying whole sale food so he means Kenneth buy the groceries.but it terns out they were just buying groceries.
  • Kenneth and Byron stoped at an ally and eat some cooked Byron buy on the way. Byron saw a bird and said the bird won't flench if something is thrown at it. but Byron accidentally hit the bird and it died. Byron went to thrown up.
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