Acute Bronchitis
Updated: 11/26/2019
Acute Bronchitis

Storyboard Text

  • I don't feel so good I think i have to sneeze...Aaaaahhhcchhhu
  • Eww gross you got snot on me
  • I don't feel too well Sharen sneezed on me and now my throat is hurting.
  • Maybe you got something like Bronchitis, where when someone else who is sick contaminates you with their germs.
  • Oh no maybe I did get Bronchitis. My throat does hurt and my chest feels really congested. I also have a lot of mucus. I better go to the doctor.
  • You do have Acute Bronchitis which means you are going to have to stay at home so you don't give others what you have. You should also take this inhaler to help your congested chest and throat.
  • I've been at home using my inhaler which is helping me be able to breathe better. I am also staying away from others.
  • Amazing!! How about you??
  • Hey how you feeling??