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Updated: 10/20/2020
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  • Exploring a cave
  • Doctors office.
  • Corona Virus on a Plane
  • Two people were exploring a cave when one of them ate a bat. When they were going deeper into the cave one of them said, ¨I don´t feel well, we should got to the doctor.¨ ¨OK,¨ the other guy said.
  • Corona Virus Entering America
  • They got to the doctors office and the doctor said, ¨You have the corona virus, so you have to quarantine for a couple weeks.¨ ¨OK,¨ the guy said
  • Trump Starts opening things up.
  • Even though we are in a shut down you can go to restaurants, stores, etc. but have to wear a mask
  • Corona virus went on a plane to america to give it to the U.S. He wanted to give it to the U.S and then other countries.
  • Dr. Fauci and Trump have a call
  • Corona virus got off the plane and said, ¨Here you go,¨ to one of the flight attendants. When Trump heard about this he said, ¨We are going into a nationwide shutdown.¨
  • Donald Trump is opening up businesses and stuff like that because the cases have gone down, but there is no cure yet. Corona Virus said, ¨My job is done here, I´m going to Russia.¨ ¨Good,¨ Trump said.
  • While the U.S is still trying to find a cure Dr Fauci calls Trump and says, ¨We have a cure.¨ ¨Yes!¨Trump said, ¨I have to tell the word.¨ Trump says, ¨WE HAVE A CURE,¨ to the world. Later that day Fauci calls Trump and says, "Never mind we don´t.¨ "Ugh," Trump says, "Never mind we don´t have a cure.¨
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