S.S project

Updated: 3/8/2021
S.S project

Storyboard Text

  • British
  • We are so poor T.T
  • Stamp act!
  • Yes.
  • British
  • No stamp act!
  • Banjamin Franklin
  • Do you think this is right?
  • Colonists
  • No tax! Or we will start a boycott!
  • British spent too much money on French-Indian War.
  • British
  • We will repeal StampAct!
  • Stamp Act is put the tax on many paper items in the colonists.
  • But we will do Townshend acts!
  • Colonists started boycott on every British items such as tea and clothes.
  • Go away!!!!
  • British couldn't make money from the Stamp Act,so they repealed it.
  • So please stop boycott!
  • British started Townshend Acts. It means British can pass any law they want.
  • Many British soldiers came to colony, so colonists were angry. Colonists throw the snowballs and rocks to soldiers.