medival china storyboard
Updated: 1/13/2020
medival china storyboard
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  • Han Dynasty (206bc - 220ad)
  • There's no king! what are we going to do?
  • Why is there so much fighting for power?
  • Disunity Period (220ad - 581 ad)
  • Why are their so many dynasties that aren't even working? I'm confused!
  • Sui Dynasty (581ad -618ad )
  • We are finally taking back China!
  • Tang and Song Dynasties (618ad - 1279ad)
  • We have food!!
  • It's the golden age!
  • Yuan Dynasty (1279ad - 1368ad)
  • Why did we think that the Mongols couldn't go around the wall!
  • Ming Dynasty (1368ad - 1644ad)
  • We took back China from the Mongolians and we have a great explorer!
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