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The ousiders chap 4
Updated: 11/13/2020
The ousiders chap 4
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  • you know what a soc ? is white trash with mustangs and marinades .
  • you know what a greser ? is white trash with long hair.
  • you could use a bath greaser and a good working over. and we have all night to do give the kid a bath David.
  • good for you !
  • i killed bob the soc ...
  • ok kids what da need me for?
  • the first stop will be windrixvil.
  • now !!
  • in the begin of chapter four of the outsiders we find ponyboy and Johnny ,at the park talking until a group of 5 socs arrive .Johnny and ponyboy are defiance to show fear but they are apprehensive . one is killed but it is in self defense .
  • JUMP!
  • i don't Remember Johnny saying jump.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny go to Dally for help getting out of the mess there in .and they end up getting a gun 50 dollars and a place to go.
  • Yessssir!
  • could you tell were jay mountain is .?
  • Follow this road to that big hill over there, that's it, taken a walk .?
  • Johnny and Ponyboy go where Dally told them. and they stowaway on a train .
  • this church kind of gave me a creepy feeling .what do you call it premonition.
  • they arrive near the spot ,and jump of the train landing in the dew .they lay in the grass waiting for a few mins.
  • blast it ponyboy, you must of put my legs asleep .i could barely stand up.
  • After jumping off the train and figuring out a plan, they decide that ponyboy will ask someone where jay mountain is .
  • after finding the old church Johnny and ponyboy set up shop .ponyboy comments on how dark and creepy it is. and they both fall back asleep.
  • ZZZZZZZ...
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