Cortes storyboard
Updated: 12/12/2019
Cortes storyboard
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  • We must leave the city if we want to survive!
  • Cortes took Spanish and Tlaxcala soldiers to defeat the Spanish force, but when the came back the Aztecs were in the midst of full rebellion.
  • What is this!
  • Go away, we don't want you here!
  • Leave!
  • Leave our city!
  • Frightened, Cortes and his men fled the city. However, they stayed long enough to start a small pox epidemic, killing 3 million Aztecs (since they lacked immunity to the disease).
  • Whats going on! Why is everyone getting so ill! I feel awful.
  • I feel very sick.
  • Whats going on! Is god angry with us, how do we fix this!
  • I feel very ill.
  • Whats wrong with me? Why am I so sick?
  • The Aztec's loss faith in Motezuma (from the disease, lack of food, and weak population). After Motezuma died it was easy for Cortes and the Tlaxcala 's to take over the city.
  • My name shall become famous!
  • Finally I have conquered Tenochtitlan!
  • Motezuma has failed us! We are to weak and have to many problems to fight back. This is awful, who will save us!
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