The Ruins of Gorlan
Updated: 2/25/2021
The Ruins of Gorlan

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  • By: John Flanagan
  • Summarizing By: Noah Evans
  • The Ruins of Gorlan
  • Hi, I'm Will, I'm 15 and my parents are dead. I live at castle Redmont, in the wards room where kids whose parents have passed.
  • My Wardmates
  • My other wardmates are Jenny, Alyss, George, and Hoarce.
  • Tomorrow is the choosing day where we will find the job that we will do for the rest of our lives. If we aren't chosen we are doomed to life on the farms.
  • The Choosing Day
  • We meet the Baron and get our jobs. I become a Ranger's Apprentice.
  • Boar Hunt
  • We're going on a boar hunt to catch a big boar that has been causing havoc. We're using boar spears to do that. We are successful and go back to the castle.
  • Finding the Kalkara
  • My master Halt and his former Apprentice Gilan and I are assigned to find the Kalkara. They are a creatures found in the moutains of Rain and Night.
  • Defeating the Kalkara
  • We find the Kalkara and I defeat it with my Bow and Fire arrow. We go back to the castle and are rewarded honorably, and then the war starts...