Unknown Story
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Peti and Raana both cried when Mum made them take the togs to school. Peti sat down on the road by our gate and yelled out she wasn’t going to school. She wasn’t going swimming. I didn’t blame my sister because the togs were thirty eight chest and Peti was only ten.But Mum knew how to get her up off the road. She yelled loudly.
  • Uncle Raz gave us the car because he couldn’t fix it up anymore, and he’d been fined because he lived in Auckland. He gave the car to Dad so we could drive our cream cans up the road instead of pushing them up by wheelbarrow.
  • But that was before our mother started shaming us by driving the car to the shop.
  • ‘Your Dad’s a rich man,’ she said. ‘Your Dad, he’s just won fifty thousand dollars in a lottery.’
  • As for the old car – we made Dad take it to the dump. We never wanted to see it again. We all cheered when he took it away, except for Mum. Mum stayed inside where she couldn’t watch, but we all stood outside and cheered.
  • And the new car – it used to be green once, because if you look closely you can still see some patches of green paint here and there.