Updated: 9/9/2021

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  • This is Chris McCandless a young gifted athlete from a wealthy suburb in Washington D.C. After graduating High School Chris found out that his father Walt McCandless has a secret second family causing Chris to feel betrayed by his parents. Chris was an independent person some may consider rebellious.
  • This is Chris
  • Chris then graduates with honors from Emory University in 1990, then in June Chris renames himself Alexander Supertramp. He then donates $24,000 of his life savings to a charity that fights poverty and hunger. He completely cuts connections with his parents, about a month later his car breaks down and he has to hitchhike.
  • Donate my life savings to a charity that fights poverty and hunger.
  • Chris then meets Wayne Westerberg while hitchhiking, Wayne is the owner of grain elevator in South Dakota. He offers Chris a job and they become really close friends. Chris works really hard but ends up losing his job because Wayne gets arrested.
  • This is Wayne Westerberg
  • Chris then heads to Topock, Arizona, where he proceeds to buy a canoe and uses it to row down the Colorado River trying to sneak into Mexico. In January 1991 he faces a really bad storm at sea causing him to abandon his canoe and return North.
  • While heading North Chris gets caught by an immigration officer near the border. He convinces the officer to let him go but they end up keeping his hunting rifle, and continues walking southwest.
  • In Bullhead City, Arizona, Chris begins to work at McDonalds, he as hides the fact that he is homeless to his coworkers. Chris then finds Charlie who shows him a semi deserted home he ends up living in.