Epic Hero Project Pt 2

Updated: 9/28/2021
Epic Hero Project Pt 2

Storyboard Text

  • After watching Hera die, Ronan decides to flee the village. On his way through the woods, he encounters Rasputin. He tries to use his powers to fight for his life, but because he has no faith in his ability to defeat the dragon, he fails. The dragon kills him with a breath of fire.
  • In the underworld, Ronan encounters Hera. She tells him that he’s stronger than he thinks, and she has complete faith in him. She asks him to avenge her death by defeating the dragon. Given that he is humanity’s only hope, Ronan agrees to push aside his fears and go up against the dragon.
  • Ronan then travels through the underworld seeking out the fortress of the Grim Reaper, gatekeeper of the underworld. Upon reaching the Grim Reaper, Ronan gets on his knees and begs for resurrection, telling the Reaper that he needs to be brought back to life so he can save Castlelandia from an evil dragon. The Grim Reaper grants him new life.
  • After being resurrected, Ronan is more confident than ever, and finally ready to go up against Rasputin without running away in fear. He travels to the royal castle that the dragon took over.
  • Ronan finds Rasputin in the throne room. He faces the dragon head on this time, demanding the dragon leave the kingdom or suffer a fate worse than death. The dragon laughs, and breathes fire at Ronan. Ronan blocks the fire with a wall of ice then freezes the dragon solid, finally defeating Rasputin.
  • Ronan's epic victory leads to him being made king. His first actions as king are to make a shrine to his adoptive mother, Hera, who gave him the confidence to go up against Rasputin. King Ronan also keeps the dragon encased in ice as a statue inside of the castle, which serves to remind all his people of the strength of their king.