Unknown Story

Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Out of all these people not one of them look anything like me and some of them are pretty strange but perfect compared to me.
  • My parents abandoned me when I was 2 weeks old and now I live at a stinky orphanage
  • b-day
  • You probably want to see me parents now huh?
  • This was the note my parents left for the orphanage
  • You would think that their child would be cuter but I guess not
  • To Orphanage Our ugly daughter needs a place where she can grow to be beautiful then we might take her back. But do not count on it. She needs plenty of punishment. We should probably tell you her name. Her name is Midell Waft and please do not look for us we will not be hereAmanda and Torbell Waft