Closing Module Journal 2
Updated: 9/27/2020
Closing Module Journal 2

Storyboard Text

  • But, probably the main way we can express and feel identified by our culture is through language; as we talk every day with it, language is the easiest way to express how we feel, also, as we saw with "hygge" and "pyt" the vocabulary of a country has a great influence in how people behave, with the example of Dannish being very happy and relaxed people.
  • To help the aspects of different culture reach all kind of people we need massive media, many people doesn't have the opportunity to travel or the privilege to knnow a person from another culture or nation, but must of all have access to at least a TV. If we continue not being taught the truth about others around the world and being shown only a part (mainly the bad part because of news) of a group of people, we could fall in two big mistakes...
  • We can believe in single stories, which I learned are misconceptions about a certain group of people due to the lack of complete information about them; like saying that all mexians are immigrants to the USA or drug dealers.
  • USA
  • Or appropiate of some aspect relevant to a culture, like the gucci turban that was appropriated from the sikhs; in my point of view it is not bad to like or use something from another culture, what is bad is to profit from it without monetary helping the group of people that are represented by that culture or by letting them be models or manufactrers.
  • It is important to appreciate all cultures and know more about them, spread the knowledge in order to become more multicultural.
  • If we start knowing more about each other we could live in a more cooperative and comprenhensive society.
  • Now, at the end of this journey I have acquired a wider perspective of what is culture and I count with more aspects that help me interpretate social phennomena; from now on, when I see a problem regarding some group of people on the news I would not only focus on the present, but also on the background of that group of people, their language, the education they have received in their country and how families behave where they leave. Now I am more interested in meeting people from other countries and traveling all around the world, I want to eliminate all stereotypes and single stories existent in my mind.