Explorer Comic Strip

Updated: 2/11/2021
Explorer Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • "I wonder where we are going for our field trip?"
  • "I think it was the dinosaur museum, but I am not sure"
  • "I just hope it wont be boring like it was last time..."
  • "Yes, it kind of does"
  • "At least this place looks cool!"
  • "Yes. They are extinct, and they were alive back when us humans weren't. Also, they were reptiles that still laid eggs and some were herbivores and other were carnivores."
  • "Do you guys know anything about dinosaurs?"
  • "The book I read last week said that they lived through 3 different time periods. The jurassic, the cretaceous and the triassic."
  • "Yes. Many Micro Organisms, Plants, and Trees grew before dinosaurs even existed!"
  • "Good Job! That was good! Also, did you guys know that the dinosaurs were NOT the oldest creatures to exist?
  • "Wow! I didn't know that!"
  • "Ok Class! That is it for today, I hope you learned a thing or two about dinosaurs and I hop you can share these fact with someone else!"
  • "Bye! Thanks for teaching us!"
  • I learned so many new things too!
  • "Yes. Although I knew most of the answers to the questions, I learned so new fun facts!"
  • "That was fun!"
  • "Yes! And it certainly wasn't boring!"