Unknown Story

Updated: 8/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • YOU!!! I shall end you
  • they stood glaring at each other, wondering who shall shoot first.
  • oh great!! youre stll alive
  • youre not match for me, youre on my land. when my men find me ill make sure your death is long and painful
  • we fight this quarrell til death, may the best man win.
  • have some wine. and if we make it out of this, i will ask you to be.... my friend. all of ths quarelling over land is useless.
  • maybe, i can be your friend and honor you. we shall end this feud and reunite as aquintances after this night
  • HELPPPP!!!!
  • wait thats not my men, are they yours?
  • my friend do you see that, its our men
  • then who are they
  • Thats not our men