The Girl In The Blue Coat
Updated: 2/7/2020
The Girl In The Blue Coat

Storyboard Text

  • Hanneke lives in Amsterdam during World War II. The streets of Amsterdam are filled with Natzi soldiers, so she flirts with them to keep them from asking her questions about he packages in her basket.
  • Mrs. Janssen, one of Hanneke's customers, asked Hanneke to find a missing jewish girl, Mirjam. Mrs. Janssen had been hiding Mirjam in her home after her last hiding place had been raided by the SS and resulted in the death of Mirjam's family.
  • Hanneke rode all over town trying to find information on Mirjam. Hanneke found that Mirjam attended school at the Jewish Lyceum. She went there looking for a picture of Mirjam.
  • Ollie (Bas's younger brother.) eventually found out that Hanneke was at the school. He arranged for Hanneke to meet at a supper club where Judith could give information about Mirjam in a safe place.
  • Hanneke soon finds that the supper meeting is just a cover. The group is part of the resistance. Hanneke discovers that Jews are being rounded up and are awaiting transportation to work camps at the Schouwburg theater.
  • After finding out that Mina left her cameras with pictures of what's been going on in Amsterdam in a stroller that is now in the Schouwburg the group makes a plan to disguise Ollie as a soldier, get the cameras, and save Mirjam only to find out afterwards that it wasn't Mirjam