The Unknown Man
Updated: 6/21/2020
The Unknown Man
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  • There was a girl named Emma and she was living alone by herself in the countryside.
  • One morning, the alarm rang, Emma picked it up and threw it in a glass of water. After that, she went back to sleep and suddenly the doorbell rang.
  • When the door opened, there was a young man who stands there and he looks so sombre and depressed.
  • Miss! Can you do me a favour? My vehicle was broken and the weather outside is too cold so I just need a place to stay temporarily. My friend will come and pick me up soon so can I stay at your house until he arrives?
  • Emma pointed towards the bus stop.
  • Oh! Why don't you go by bus? The bus stop is over there.
  • Sorry miss but I tried to wait for 3 hours already and it's not coming. It's freezing outside. I still have pizzas to deliver so I don't want to be frozen outside.
  • Emma reluctantly agreed for him to stay in her house.
  • Alright! Go in, it's so cold outside!
  • Thank you, miss!
  • They went to the living room and introduced themselves to each other. Unexpectedly, the doorbell rang in the middle of their conversation.
  • Hi! My name is Johnny. Nice to meet you!
  • You can call me Emma.
  • DING-DONG!!!
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