Student Needs
Updated: 1/31/2021
Student Needs

Storyboard Text

  • Yarissa's first language is Spanish. Her teacher uses Google translate to send her copies of the work in Spanish and encourages Yarissa to download a Chrome extension to translate webpages for her.
  • Mrs. DiLisio teaches 10th grade, but her students read, on average, at a sixth grade level. She uses NewsELA to assign the same article to all her students at their reading level.
  • Cole works at the local grocery store after school, so he usually does his work late at night. His teacher has copies of the lectures posted to the LMS so Cole can watch them on his break or after his shift.
  • Sanji has dyslexia and struggles to type and write her work. Her teacher showed her how to use text to speech so she can speak her assignments.