Bishops war
Updated: 5/8/2020
Bishops war

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  • In 1637 Laud and Charles insisted that Scotland should use the prayer book that they had brought into the Church of England. The Scots resented this interference in their church. When the prayer book was first used in July 1637 there was a riot in Edinburgh.
  • Charles immediately marched north with an army to try and stop the rebellion. however Charles lacked the money to pull this off successfully. many of Charles’ men were young, untrained and armed only with bows and arrows.
  • Charles was forced to back down and agreed to a truce . He then had to call Parliament to try and raise more money to deal with the problem once and for all. they criticized his period of Personal Rule and his actions in Scotland. Charles was furious and closed Parliament again after only 2 days. This Parliament became known as the Short Parliament.
  • The war with Scotland broke out again. The Scots quickly overran Northumberland and County Durham. Charles was forced to retreat. The Scots agreed to leave if Charles paid a large amount of money. They also demanded that they were able to keep control of Newcastle and that Charles paid them £850 a day to maintain their army there.
  • Charles did not have enough money. He had to call Parliament again - and this time, he couldn’t solve his problems by shutting them down.
  • The Bishops Wars had made Charles look weak. To Scotland, to Ireland and to some of the leading Members of Parliament. His authority as King had been reduced, and Parliament became bolder in their criticisms of their King.