Balancing Chemical Equations
Updated: 1/26/2021
Balancing Chemical Equations

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  • What is a balancing chemical equation?ZnS+O2 -> ZnO+SO2
  • Boo, I hate homework's!
  • Hey class, we learnt about Chemical equations in class today. The homework is the question on the board. Have a nice day everyone!
  • Hey dude, can you tell me what does balancing chemical equations mean? Cause I didn't really understand when Ms. Fizzle is talking.
  • Bob wants to know what is a chemical equation and Tim is telling explaining to him.
  • It will be my pressure!
  • Ok!
  • It's a representation of a chemical reaction using symbols of the elements to indicate the amount of substance.
  • Ohhh
  • First I'll explain what is a Chemical equation.
  • Hints to balance chemical equations are: Adjust the coefficients not the subscriptsEven or odd- Multiply by 2 to make all evenBalance polyatomic ions as a whole
  • Ok!
  • For example:ZnS+O2 -> ZnO+SO2O is even on the left and odd on the right.ZnS+O2 -> ZnO+2SO2Multiply 2 to make O even2ZnS+3O2 -> ZnO+2SO2Balance the Zn, S, and O
  • For example: ZnS+O2 -> ZnO+SO2
  • Got it!
  • Thank you soo much Tim, I really appreciate it!In return for you, we could play together next time!
  • You are welcome! Sure , we could play together next time!By the way, I got a lot of games on Xbox!
  • For example: ZnS+O2 -> ZnO+SO2