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Updated: 2/11/2020
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  • One day, there was a zoo inspector, Greta, who had to go and write a review about a local zoo. Greta did not want to go to the zoo since she knew that she was going to see animals in such a horrific environment.
  • Greta hopped in her car and started on her way towards the zoo.
  • I don't want to see all those animals in such a horrific scene. That zoo just keeps those innocent creatures cooped up all day long
  • In the next exhibit they visited, Greta saw penguins in their natural habitat and she started to change her opinion about zoos.
  • Greta arrived at the first exhibit just to see a poor cheetah lying there all alone, looking ill. Greta immediately felt sorry for the cheetah and anger arose in her knowing that this innocent animal was locked up all alone
  • Rose informed Greta that the zoo found Roy injured in Africa and saved him from the dangers of the wilderness and poachers.
  • As Greta was observing the cheetah, a vet named Rose approached her and explained some aspects behind the zoo.
  • Rose continued to say that their zoo helps people learn about exotic animals in a visual aspect instead of books or online websites that aren't always reliable. They also try their best to make the living space of the animals as similar to their natural habitat as possible.
  • Penguins