aritcal of confedertation
Updated: 1/13/2021
aritcal of confedertation

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  • the articles of confederation is a weak government that couldn't protect the people because they didn't have power and money. the state government had way more power than the national government. they made it like this because they were scared the power was going to go to the central government.
  • we have a really weak national government !
  • a weakness they had was they needed 13 states to approve an amendment to the articles. as result, that had no way to change the power of government.
  • because we don"t have 13 states to approve this, than we cant make it happen.
  • all this money is worthless!
  • they could print their own money so that the money isn't as worth it as it was when they didn't make and print so much.
  • the purpose of the northwest ordinance was to make a government for the northwest territory and to be equal to the other 13 states. , it needed 60,000 people to make a place a state.
  • I love the northwest ordinace
  • One of the rules of the northwest ordinance was that everyone got a free education., also they banned slavery.
  • YAY! free education!
  • shays rebellion was when people rebelled against the government trying to collect x from them and trades by an armed fight, it showed the weakness of the articles of confederation.
  • I cant pay all of this... I might loss my house and farm because of this!
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