Updated: 2/2/2020
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  • It also is the reason why you weigh what you weigh
  • When I jump why do I fall to the ground?
  • Its the reason when you jump you do not float into the sky!
  • Gravity is why, its the force that pulls you to the center of the earth.
  • Its because of the elasticity of the trampoline tarp and the pull back of the strings.
  • Why do trampolines make me jump so high?
  • Gravity is also involved when you jump on a trampoline because its what pulls you do to the ground and makes you jump higher
  • I cant move this garbage can it has to much static friction to move. It feels impossible to move.
  • I can push this garbage can be moved because of a type of friction called rolling friction.
  • I wonder why these cabinets are stronger than others its like a force that invisible to the eye?!
  • Its because of magnets! Magnets are the force that help debit and credit pass through the machines and is in speakers and they are everywhere!
  • magnetism is used in the x-rays you get in your teeth. It is the force that is taking the actual picture of the x-ray!
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