Broken blade by Ari fust Hr 2nd
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken blade by Ari fust Hr 2nd

Storyboard Text

  • Z Z Z
  • Meanwhile in Pierre's bedroom.
  • I must help my father
  • Owwwwww my thumb
  • Pierre get the medic
  • This is harder than I thought
  • Pierre was asleep when he woke up to the sound of his father chopping wood. Then after that, Pierre pictured his father chopping wood when he heard a growl in pain. Then Pierre looked out the window and his father cut part of his thumb off.
  • Pierre had just left Lachine when he realized he was beginning to become homesick. Then after 2,000 strokes with his paddle he was getting blisters and was becoming tired. He wasn't getting along very with his canoe mates either.
  • Wow! Grand Portage is amazing.
  • Still, Pierre hasn't been getting along very well with some of his canoe mates. But The rapids had very powerful speed until the end of the rapids when the rapids stopped. Still they had a long way to go before they arrived at Grand Portage.
  • Pierre was not looking forward to crossing lake superior due to the uneasy looks on his canoe mates faces. When the canoe got to lake superior everyone went to the side instead of going toward the middle of lake superior. Pierre's canoe mates went out a little and the hull took in a little water.
  • Pierre was looking foward to being at Grand Portage. Then there was a Gate with few people around. When Pierre got a pack Beloit said something very cruel to Pierre then punched Beloit into the lake. After that Beloit looked in Pierre hand and said " Got a musket ball there."
  • So Pierre was going home and signing on for next year. Before Pierre's voyage home, Mckay gave Pierre a interesting book before going. While going home Pierre homesickness was getting worse by the day. When Pierre arrived back at Lachine Pierre \greeted doctor Gullard and Celetse and went home to greet his father.