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Updated: 1/30/2020
Unknown Story
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  • During the Paleolithic time period, we didn't have permenant homes. We were Hunter-Gathers, we went around hunting and killing animals for food. We didn't know about farming and did not live in large tribes. We have learned how to control fire! This allows us to cook food and it becomes healthier! We have very basic stone tools, which were tools made out of stone, but they weren't very good yet.
  • During this time, we have started started to look at agriculture, we see that agriculture is farming on different plants and trees. We have taken notice of these and will try to grow them ourselves.
  • During this time we have changed over to the Neolithic time period, We have learned that keeping animals and taming them is useful, we have even learned more about farming and how thats just is growing crops and different plant life for food.
  • We have finally found out about a better farming method! We use slash and burn method which allows for us to burn old crop and to used the burnt materials to get nutrients into the ground for the next growth.
  • Farming agriculture has helped us survive so much better, but we needed a more efficient way to water the crops. We invented irrigation which we dig a long trench from the pond to the crops so the crops can become automatically watered.
  • Our culture has changed so much from where we started. We now live in large communities and everyone has their own role. Technology has advanced so much and everything about our way of life has changed.
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