Maniac Magee Part II
Updated: 3/12/2020
Maniac Magee Part II

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Maniac Magee part II

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  • I improvised on the buffalo..
  • Maniac had been staying in the buffalo pen at the zoo, but then an old man spotted him and put him in his car (or truck), then took him to the band shell.
  • The old man made Maniac a chicken noodle Cup-a-Soup. They talked for a while and Maniac learned the old mans name, which was Grayson. Maniac ate a lot of food, including Krimpets, Maniac told Grayson his old address, then told him a lot about himself. Maniac got a shower, then they went on a minor shopping spree, so then he had his own clothes. He told Grayson he would run away if he made him go to school. Grayson eventually allowed Maniac to go to work with him. Grayson told his stories. Grayson bought a lot of books and asked Maniac to help him learn to read.
  • Five days after Christmas, Grayson died in his sleep. Maniac read all Grayson's favorite books to him, and only when he closed his eyes to go to bed he cried. The next day he told somebody about it, and they planned his funeral. Nobody came except for Maniac. Nobody cared.
  • Since nobody came to the funeral, and the few people that were just working didn't care either, Maniac ran. He is now on the run again.