Basil vs Timmy (the wealthy business man)

Updated: 9/27/2021
Basil vs Timmy (the wealthy business man)

Storyboard Text

  • Congrats, Timmy! But you should start asking yourself, why are you wealthy while the other man is poor?
  • Basil, I am afraid I have to skip church next week because my company is finally on the stock market!
  • But do you suppose you do no wrong AT ALL in cheating others to be in your position?
  • I have worked so hard to be in my position. I believe everyone has a chance to become who they want to be. as long as they work hard.
  • Are you sure you did not take away something that belong to others?
  • Basil, what do you mean by cheating? I have taken care of my family, my colleagues, and my friends.
  • Ethical? To be in your position, you must be a man of greed.
  • I am confused, Basil. Business is business. I do consider myself as an ethical business man.
  • So you do consider yourself being greedy then?
  • This is a capitalism country. The rich and the poor both exist. I cannot change this fact!
  • You are not wealthy. You are just as equal as the homeless who's outside of the church.
  • I don't think I should guilt trap myself just because I am a wealthy man now.