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Updated: 2/25/2021
Unknown Story

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  • As a kid, Celia grew very close with her mom learning all the things about cooking and food together with her. But soon had to fend for herself and her 3 other family members, Sofia, Elisabeth, and her dad. At age 8 her mom passed away and her dad was so sad and overworked that he couldn’t help out in the house much, so he left it to his oldest daughter; Celia.
  • I need to leave.
  • Soon after her mom’s death, Celia learned that nobody in the house knew how to cook except for her. The family had no money so Celia when out into the woods behind her house to look for things to eat. She and her mom had planed to go into the woods but they never did. She guessed and took mushrooms, berries, and leaves and made a luscious salad that night for dinner.
  • I'm going to go to California
  • After this meal Celias’s two younger sisters fell very ill with food poisoning. The berries inside the salad she had made were actually very poisons. Celia felt bad but she was curious. She wanted to know more about plants and things in nature that her mom hadn't been able to teach her about. So she devoted her time to learning about the woods behind her house.
  • i have to leave
  • One day Celia came across a note on the ground it was written by her mom. It said “Dear children I wanted you to have the best life and get out of here but I am worried I have failed to provide this.You deserve something better than this.” Celia then knew that this was her time to leave.
  • Celia rushed to her house with the note. She wanted to get out of Aztan but first, she needed to prepare. She wanted to get her sisters out but they were too young so that left her with no choice but to leave by herself. She decided to go to California to live out her dream of being a professional cook.
  • Celia wrote a quick letter to her dad saying “this was the best choice for me, I'm live out mom's dream”. She also wrote a few recipes down for her family to use when they need food. Before she had any second thoughts she grabs her bag and ran into the open woods to find freedom.