Continuation: Electron Project
Updated: 3/11/2020
Continuation: Electron Project

Storyboard Text

  • How were atoms formed?
  • Roughly 380,000 years after the Big Bang, matter cooled enough for atoms to form during the era of recombination, resulting in a transparent, electrically neutral gas
  • These electrons and neutrons formed between the leptons and nucleons age.
  • The Age of Nucleo-synthesis transitioned to the age of Ions and Atoms.
  • One has to keep in mind that the formation of the electrons and protons was formed in a couple of seconds due to the intense heat and pressure of the big bang but the formation of atoms took about 300,000 years
  • After the Era of Atoms the Age of Stars and Galaxies were formed. This took millions of years to form.
  • wow that unbelievable.
  • These protons and neutrons made up the basic gases such as Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium.
  • We still have many unknown ideas about the BIG BANG Theory but one should know that this is beginning of our solar system.
  • Thank you for your attention!