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The Legend of Troy
Updated: 4/3/2019
The Legend of Troy
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  • King Priam, there is a Prophecy stating that your son, Paris, will on day bring Death and Destruction to Troy
  • Paris, son of Priam and Hecuba, king and queen of Troy, is given to a shepherding couple, as the prophecy says that he will be the cause of the downfall of Troy
  • Grows up and three goddesses Hera, Aphrodite and Athena involve him in a contest, he has to choose the most beautiful among them. He chooses Aphrodite, who offers him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife.
  • Reunited with his parents and travels as an ambassador of Troy to Sparta (Greek Kingdom). He meets King Menelaus and Helen (as the prophecy foretold), Helen and Paris fall in love and escape back too Troy.
  • Menelaus, enraged by the treachery of Helen and Paris and calls on his fellow Greek chieftains to join him in a war to regain Helen and punish the Trojans.
  • The fleet is assembled and eventually sets sail for Troy. What follows is a 10-year siege of this fortified city. The characters of the story, both Greek and Trojan, and the battles, triumphs and tragedies of this long war as recounted in Homer’s Iliad have been told and retold through the centuries.
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