who ,what ,when ,where
Updated: 5/19/2020
who ,what ,when ,where

Storyboard Text

  • hi this my famliy my dad and my mum and my two sisters ohh and my dog
  • roff roff
  • whats really fun is my tree hunt i come talk to my friends my there not here right now
  • we live in Australia here when i was born we had an virus .
  • but we moved to new Zealand because we had to pro form shows i can flip and do cool stuff.
  • but my mum hates me play on technology
  • this is my room my mum and dad sleep across the other room next to
  • me i wanna become a gamer next year that is why i have a big computer
  • when ever i get bored i come out side to play
  • basketball and soccer
  • and we play games up here too.
  • my friends are at school