Medieval Times Storyboad
Updated: 12/15/2020
Medieval Times Storyboad

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  • Life In Medieval Times
  • Hi, i'm Shenzu Jetchi, a monk at this monastery. Before I get back to copying hundreds of pages in a book, I'll tell you how the life was like during the Middle Ages in Europe.
  • Kings And Queens
  • William Patrick, I will grant you a large land!
  • Yes, Your majesty. in return, I will provide loyalty and an army for you!
  • The Clergy
  • Almost done with this book, I think I got what the book is for. i wonder why i have to copy books everyday?
  • -Soumya Kidambi7th Grade
  • Nobles: Barnos, Counts, Dukes, & Earls
  • Welcome to my rich and wonderful monor! My duties are to protect my people, provide work/land, and also provide supplies and military services foe the king. Yes, i have a cool job!
  • Man, i'm so rich!
  • The popes would influence their discussion by threatening to excommunicate them.
  • Knights
  • Hi, welcome to my fief! My job is to protect the peasants from invaders as well as collecting taxes from them
  • The impact is that monks have to copy every page of the books by hand, and while they are doing that they have to preserve that knowledge.
  • Peasants: Serfs and Freeman
  • Hi, were serfs, we live in a very small house with our kids and some farm animals, we have to work on our fields everyday for hours. Freedom is not in our dictionary.
  • If only i didn't get married at 13.
  • A noble could grant a land for a knight in exchange for loyalty and military services!
  • Since i'm a knight, my duty is to fight for my ruler. Yes, I have a dangerous job but i can keep the values taken from conquered people and use it to increase my wealth.
  • In addition to working hours and hours, since they are paying taxes, and rent, they also have to pay the lord for grain mill, and bread ovens.