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Updated: 9/24/2019
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  • The pardoner says '' And thus I preach against the very vice I make my living out of --- avarice. And yet however guilty of that sin Myself, with others I have the power to win Then from it, I can bring them to repent; But that is not my principle intent. Covetousness is both the root and stuff Of all I preach. That ought to be enough. ( line 23-30 )
  • The pardoner says '' The curse of avarice and cupidity Is all my sermon, for it frees the pelf. Out come the pence, and specially for myself, For my exclusive purpose is to win. ( line 16-19)
  • The pardoner says '' Within his heart the beauty of those bright New florins, saying, '' Lord, to think i might have all that treasure to myself alone! Could there be anyone beneath the throne Of god so happy as i then should be ''. ( line 238- 242 )
  • Chaucer says '' I have a text, it always is the same And always has been, since I learnt the game, Old as the hills and fresher than the grass, 'Radix malorum est cupiditas' meaning '' The love of money is the root of all evil '' . ( line 5-8 )
  • Chaucer says '' It's clear that Fortune ha bestowed this treasure To let us live in jollity and pleasure. Light come, Light go! We'll spend it as we ought. God's Precious dignity! Who would of thought This morning was to be our lucky day! ( line 178- 182 ) 
  • The pardoner says '' While you and he are struggling, as in game; Then draw your dagger too and do the same. Then all this money will be ours to spend, Divided equally of course, dear friend. Then we can gratify our lust and fill The day with dicing at our own sweet will . '' ( line 228- 233 )
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